the pain is much more than physical, beyond belief

It wasn’t my fault or your fault,
it was ours.
We both said “I’m yours”.
I was wrong believing you mean it,
you were wrong believing I don’t,
so you left
thinking that I could mend myself.

I cannot breathe anymore
in this void that crushed my chest.
I’ve never been like this before
an open wound impossible to mend.
"Nope" - her final push over the edge,
my final step toward the end.
No meaning, no hope, no excuse.
I’ll close my eyes and I’ll be gone
knowing there’s nothing more to win or lose.
She’ll never realize what she’s done.

I tried so hard to believe
to stand tall in the face of endless waves of pain
to find excuses and keep seeing the light in you.
I don’t know why and how you could “nope” it all,
but you did, and that changed everything.
You killed me in you
and my soul died too.

Doar sufletul meu
Numai el va mai ştii… 

Serene mirrors

When you look in the mirror
you see warm light and unclouded sky.
At that very moment
someone might cry in their corner
because of your gentleness,
someone might fall to pieces and bleed
because of your kindness,
your words might have destroyed a soul.
But your mirror cannot catch those things
so they don’t exist for you.
When you look in the mirror
you see fairness and goodness
and you smile, self-contented,
poor little human.


seen on and White